About Us

Why do business with us, an Independent Document Industry Distributor?

Perhaps you’re now shopping at one of the mega-supermarkets. If so, you know that they offer much, much more than food – housewares, clothing, banking services, restaurants, and prescription medicine to mention a few. What’s the message? Simply that it is far, far more convenient to shop in a store where you can take care of several needs rather than just one. It saves lots of time, and gives you a sense of satisfaction that you're making the most of your day.

We began as a traditional forms distributor. But just like the mega-stores, we’ve evolved. In order to give you the convenience of one-stop shopping, we offer an array of document related products and services. Like processing your invoices or warehousing the products we might pick and pack for you, or perhaps providing direct mail fulfillment services. This list goes on – we now offer you commercial printing, corporate identity programs, graphic design, e-commerce catalogue systems, e-commerce ordering, and variable in-line digital printing. We’ve paid attention to your changing technology needs. We can design your web site and provide you complete forms management and purchasing services via the Internet.

Given the rate of change in today’s economy and the sometimes massive reduction in cycle times, convenience and efficient use of your time is paramount. That’s why we have broadened our offering. But please don’t be mistaken. We take nothing for granted. We know that we must earn your trust and business each time out of the gate. That’s our goal. To give you more so you sweat less.

Remember, if it has something to do with documents, printing, or communicating electronically or on paper – We're the place!

Steven Schneidman

President, Solutions Ink