Fundraising Ideas

Use Ideas

Turn these hip new fashion accessories into club membership cards, VIP passes, or admission tickets by adding a serial# or barcode to the reverse side.

Event Promotions and Passes - Our unique tags cannot be duplicated and they make a great souvenir for benefits, concerts and award ceremonies. Bar coding and serialization gives them a variety of secure traffic building uses.

Stadium Giveaways - Our tags are collectable, wearable trading cards featuring team logos, mascots, player pix, individual game dates and schedules.

Raffles - Got the lucky tag? Adding a unique barcode or serial number to the reverse side of our tags allows them to be used in a variety of secure and unique traffic building ways.

Corporate Logo and Product Branding - Trade show giveaways, company gifts, website launches and to denote special events.

Team Building Events - Perfect for seminars, parties, retreats and company picnics. 

Music and Movies - Use pictures of actors/musicians, animated characters and logos for product licensing and merchandising.

On-Pack Promotions - Our tags are flat and light weight, perfect for on-pack promotions on CDs, DVDs, videos, games and cereal boxes.

Direct Mail Programs - Our tags are inexpensive and easy to mail.  Invite customers to events, concerts, clubs, and websites by wearing or logging in with the tag PIN#. 

Fund Raising - Our tags are great for all types of fund raising including schools and non-profit organizations, displaying emblems, mascots and/or messages.

Reunions - Rally the troops with their insignia by distributing these durable invitations with commemoration info.