Fundraising Ideas

Ego Id Tags and TicketsTM

Ego Id Tags and TicketsTM are cutting-edge fashion accessories that meet the cross-promotional, merchandising and admissions needs for a wide variety of clientele. From retail promotions and licensed merchandise to membership passes, prize raffles, digital download-TuneTagsTM and stored phone minute-PhoneTagsTM, Ego Id's Tags and TicketsTM versatility will fit your budget while keeping your client's brands, artists/performers, and licensed properties at the forefront of the public's and end user's attention.

Our patented, durable, high-quality, full color, official military Ego Id Tags and TicketsTM are made exclusively in the USA by Ego Id, Inc. And because we have the ability to barcode, serialize and accessorize each tag we can produce eye-catching and functional, wearable apparel for all of your events, promotions, admissions and merchandising needs.

Team up with sponsors to create cross promotions--by using our bar-coding, serializing, or PIN# (Personality IdentificationTM) technology you will drive Ego Id TicketTM holders from promotional events into retail stores and Web sites. Whether your goal is national membership incentive programs or high school fund raisers, Ego Id Tags and TicketsTM can be tailored to reach your goals. Ego Id provides turn-key data collection and hosting packages to implement a variety of cost effective programs for all your promotional needs.

We also offer a full line of colored, anodized aluminum dog tags (that can be laser-etched with logos and/or text) as well as traditional embossed stainless steel dog tags. With Ego Id it's easy to personalize each and every tag with unique information for every member in your group.